Better Geo - Visualisation
Building the Street View Experience
Lagos, Nigeria.

Ayo Akinseye


  • Maps of Nigeria generally out of date / inaccurate
  • An additional layer (Street View) could help regardless of 2D map (in)accuracy
  • Create a better web (Geo) digital experience


  • Create web 2D map for reference and Street Views on click
  • Capture and process 360 degree panoramas
  • Zone the city into drive zones
  • Upload Street Views zone by zone


  • Amazing 2D Mapping platform
  • Huge user / contributor community
  • Easy to learn and contribute
  • Build our own Tile Server

MoRiWo means “I have seen it” in Yoruba
  • Help users to find and locate places
  • Share location (with Street View) from website
  • Provide the recent Street Views (updated every ~ 6 months
  • Time Series Views (some since 2016)

  • Support OSM through @OSMNigeria(Twitter)
  • Mapathons and Local Community building
  • Test Street View uploads to Mapillary (2017)
  • Provide Street View Capture services
  • Simple Mobile

Twitter: @Dantaria
OSM: lagosmapper
MoRiWo Website